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Cannabis & Hemp

Cannabis is at the heart of what we do.  CFS attorneys were instrumental in the legalization and development of a regulated cannabis industry in Massachusetts and we have consulted and advised regulators in other Northeast states that are building their own framework for a state cannabis industry.  We work with a broad network of banks, credit unions, private investors, service providers and public officials throughout the Northeast to makes sure our clients have access to the resources and opportunities that they need in order to be successful in a rapidly evolving industry.      

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance influences every aspect of a cannabis company's formation and operation.  Cannabis regulation can not only make standard business activities more difficult, it can also increase complexity and cost, and magnify risk.  Our specialized knowledge of cannabis regulations means that our clients can focus on running their business while we keep track of the often-changing laws, regulations and policies.


We have helped build hundreds of businesses from the ground up and we are well versed in the unique challenges that face any startup in the cannabis industry, such as limited access to traditional bank financing, and increased tax liability resulting from Section 280E.  We work with each client's unique set of circumstances to structure their governance and funding to achieve their goals. 


Law and policy regulating psychedelics is rapidly evolving in a number of states across the country. This is producing a novel and complex legal landscape with many risks and opportunities. We will make sure that you are always working with the most up to date information and analysis.  When you have questions, we have your answers.

B2B Relationships

Your cannabis business is always entwined in relationships with other cannabis businesses.  As cannabis law specialists, we negotiate and craft the supply agreements, service agreements, licensing agreements, and other contracts that structure these strategic relationships.

Licensing & Permitting

Cannabis businesses must navigate a labyrinth of state and local approvals before they can even open their doors, and the slightest misstep can lead to costly delays.  We provide all of the materials necessary to successfully apply for licenses and permits at every level of government.  Our clients always have an experienced attorney at their side to fiercely advocate for them at licensing hearings, special permit reviews and other regulatory proceedings.

Exit Strategy / M&A

CFS can help you turn an opportunity into a successful deal.  Cannabis deals are different and we have the experience and regulatory insight to help you close.  Our attorneys have successfully negotiated and structured mergers, acquisitions, licensing deals, strategic partnerships and joint ventures.  Throughout the process we will coordinate with state regulators and obtain all necessary approvals for the resulting business.


Federal legislation has opened the door for a national hemp industry, but the manufacturing and sale of hemp and hemp-derived products is still subject to a complex patchwork of state laws and local regulations. Our attorneys advise hemp farmers, processors and manufacturers to navigate this patchwork and build successful and sustainable businesses in this exciting industry.

Ancillary Service Providers

Even if you are not a plant-touching business, if you do business with the licensed industry, you can encounter a range of unforeseen legal issues.  CFS can guide you and smooth the path.

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