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Business Transactions

Cable Fleisher & Sosebee offers a comprehensive suite of legal services for businesses in any stage of development, from startup to acquisition.  Having clear, consistent, and relevant agreements across the spectrum of your business is essential.   We never put pen to paper without first taking the time to discuss and understand your goals and the potential risks that could arise along the way.   Then we leverage our collective experience to negotiate and craft agreements that accomplish your objectives and protect your interests in the long term.   We remain involved long after a transaction closes, providing guidance, expertise and access to a valuable network of professionals to help our clients achieve their goals.

Business Formation

Initial decisions about business structure can have lasting impact on owners and operators, as well as on the business’s ultimate success.  We will help you choose the right type of entity for your needs, craft bylaws and operating agreements suited for your business model, and create shareholder agreements to give you a solid corporate foundation to build your dreams on.  We also handle regular state filings and maintain all corporate records in an exclusive online client portal that you can access at any time.  

Intellectual Property Licensing

When your most valuable assets are intangible we will help you develop a multi-faceted strategy to protect and leverage your intellectual property.  Our attorneys have extensive experience representing high-value brands both nationally and internationally.  We can help you build and manage your portfolio of IP and protect it through sophisticated application of copyright, trademark and trade secret laws, as well as customized licensing agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Financing & Private Placements

No business can succeed without investment, but that investment can come in many forms.  We will work with your team to create a funding structure that meets the needs and risk tolerances of all parties involved.  Whether it's a conventional asset-backed commercial loan, a private equity investment, or any of the numerous other funding vehicles available in today's market, we will help you understand the risks and benefits of your options and avoid unnecessary complexity, so that you can focus on your pitch.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As emerging industries develop and mature, the pace and nature of mergers and acquisitions is changing and increasing.  When you find that opportunity to transform your business into something extraordinary, we will work with you to assess your options and close the deal so that you can move forward with confidence.  Regardless of which side of the deal you’re on, our attorneys can guide you through the process from due diligence to contract negotiations  to closing.  

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