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Land Use &
Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions are among the most complex transactions any business can undertake.  That is why our experienced team is with you every step of the way to provide first rate legal services that you can rely on.  Our firm represents a broad spectrum of clients from single-unit tenants to large commercial developers and investors. We understand that each transaction is unique and we focus on finding cost effective solutions to the challenges and opportunities that arise in your real estate matters.


We represent commercial landlords and tenants in complex leasing transactions.  Our attorneys draw on their legal expertise in a number of practice areas beyond traditional landlord tenant law in order to address issues relating to construction, environmental liability, governmental compliance, finance and cannabis regulations. We take a proactive approach in negotiating and drafting lease agreements that will protect our clients in the long term. 

Zoning and Permitting

Our attorneys are experts in land use and municipal law.  Before you  commit to piece of real estate, we will work with you to perform the necessary due diligence and regulatory analysis to ensure that you are selecting the right location for your business objectives.  We will draft and prepare all necessary permitting applications, and provide legal representation at public and administrative hearings.  We connect our clients to a vast network of first rate architects, site planners and engineers and we will coordinate and collaborate with your design professionals throughout the permitting process.

Acquisition and Financing

Our firm handles all aspects of commercial property transfers, including due diligence, purchases and financing.  We represent lenders, investors, and borrowers in matters such as mortgage loans, construction loans, and private equity financing.  We are also one of the rare law firms with specialized expertise in the complexities of structuring financing for cannabis facilities.   


In both construction and the law, our motto is "measure twice, cut once"; we will always make sure that you are prepared for every possibility from the moment you break ground, to the day you move in.   We are well-versed with all standard AIA construction contract forms and how to leverage each for the greatest benefit to our clients.  Our experience also encompasses a wide range of tools and strategies for construction financing.

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